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Schools are faced with quite a dilemma in today’s learning environment.  Providing students with expensive electronic devices while facing limited coverage options.  It is our mission to ensure that this is no longer an issue!  We provide an affordable, reliable, and flexible program for all of your school’s devices. No matter what computers, tablets, smartphones, or wearables your school uses, our plans are designed to keep schools focused on the things that truly matter.

Making Smart Tech your trusted device protection partner, will relieve you, your school, and your students and parents of the financial burden and stress a broken device can bring!

Three Flexible Coverage Options

1. School Purchase Coverage

Ensure that you don’t have any risky surprises in your budget at the end of the year! All of the students devices are covered so your school doesn’t have to stress about taking on any additional costs.

Program Benefits
  • Ensure Every Device is Covered 
  • No Surprises or Risk! Know Your Budget
  • Fast Turnaround Time on Repairs

2. Parent Purchase Coverage

Transfers responsibility for the devices to the students and parents, with this flexible option. This program is easy to launch and will reduce the school budget while giving your student’s parents peace of mind.

Program Benefits
  • Reduce School Budget
  • Fast to Set Up & Easy to Launch
  • Reduces School Administrative Work

3. Repair Only

Not looking for full device protection right now? You can still get the same great service, benefits, and discounted rates with our repair only coverage. We will be here when you need us!

Program Benefits
  • Quality Repairs & Competitive Pricing
  • Faculty Discount Programs
  • Fast Turnaround Time on Repairs

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